This is Snap

The Smartphone Accessory of all Smartphone Accessories

Snap your life to your phone.

Keep it simple with Snap

Easy to use

Even easier to install. With Snap's one step application, you can easily keep all of your accessories close to your phone and quickly organized.


All new smart accessories

Keep yourself organized with the market’s most simple accessory add on.

Beautiful Design

Snap was designed to not only function like a champ but also to be pleasing to the eye, Snap was built with you in mind.

Incredibly Durable

Snap is designed for the busy lifestyles we all lead, its durable and long lasting design is perfect for the lives we lead.

Loaded With Goodies

With Snap, you can load all of your favorite goodies into our ongoing accessory market, and if you want a new Snap Accessory, tell us!

Make your life a Snap, with the smartphone accessory attachment to rule them all

Design To Brag About

Make your smartphone even smarter with Snap, take your accessories to a new level and be the one with all of the right solutions.

Keep Snap Close

The Snap attachment is the most agile accessory you will need for all the most important activities in your life, whether your active or artistic, Snap is for you!

Loaded With Power

Actually, Snap just makes you more powerful, in all the right ways! Snap allows you to connect the most important tools in your life to your smartphone.

Snap, to make your life… Better!!

"SNAPing my phone on to my bike has completely changed the way I log and track my mileage. Having my phone SNAPed onto the bike helps me be more in tune with my work out and keep track of what I'm doing. Excited to be a part of the SNAP community and can't wait for the new products!"

− Will Kim

"I've seen a few demos for SNAP and all I can say is my friends and I can't wait to see what can be done with a GoPro. #takingGoProtothenextlevel"

− Camile Moyes

""We love snap, my daughter in particular. She attached it next to her bed and watches her favorite bedtime shows as she falls asleep at night. I can now find my phone in the same place without waking her up by searching the covers.""

− Preston Andrew